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BNI of Southern Colorado is home to many chapters with a unique sense of character and community. Feel free to visit any chapter twice before making the decision to apply for membership. Potential members of BNI are encouraged to visit a number of local chapters in the Southern Colorado region to find a community and location that feels right for them.

Please note that the unique and deliberate structure of BNI chapters is to ensure that groups are not brimming with competition within--but rather everyone is able to support and contribute to the growth and success of fellow members. For this reason, each chapter may only seat one person within their specific career role. For instance, each chapter may have only one photographer or one real estate agent. To find a chapter of BNI with openings in any given niche or industry, please browse the chapter directory.

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Navigate the directory to find your local chapters. The Southern Colorado region is an active region brimming with active BNI groups that will take your business networking to the next level. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the BNI of Southern Colorado regional office.


List of BNI Southern Colorado Chapters

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Colorado Springs- BNI Fire, BNI Abundance, BNI Profit


Pueblo- BNI Prospertity Partners

Online Meeting

BNI Front Range Online

Canon City

BNI Fremont Goldmine

Castle Rock

BNI Wealth Partners

Colorado Springs

BNI Core Connections

BNI Dynamic Alliances [S] 

BNI Elite Business Network

BNI Great Expectations

BNI Incline Referrals [H]

BNI Leading Edge

BNI Network Masters

BNI Network Navigators [S] [H]

BNI Peak Powerhouse

BNI Peak Referral Network

BNI Platinum Partners

BNI Professional Advantage

BNI Rocky Mountain Business Builders

BNI Rocky Mountain Rainmakers

BNI Strategic Alliances [S]

BNI Success Builders

BNI Success Partners [S]


BNI Falcon Powerhouse


BNI Abundance Builders

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Each local BNI chapter holds a distinct position within the greater BNI community, and members are encouraged to connect and network beyond their personal chapter by utilizing the member directory and developing further relationships through intentional networking and collaboration. Members benefit from utilizing the power of one-to-one relationship building with entrepreneurial intent and genuine goodwill in supporting, growing, and gaining as neighborly business associates.

To find out more about how this works, explore BNI Resources and learn how BNI utilized Givers Gain ® to truly launch local businesses and entrepreneurs to a new level of success.


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The best way to find out about BNI is to visit a chapter. Visitors may attend chapter meetings twice ONLY (one chapter twice, or two chapters once each), before they will be asked to make a decision about joining. Visitors may NOT promote their business in a chapter where their business category is represented. It is not necessary to have an invitation to visit a chapter, however it is best to contact the president of the chapter prior to the visit.

For more information about joining a BNI Greater Colorado Springs chapter please call us at (719) 266-8704 or...

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