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Prospective members of BNI Southern Colorado may apply for membership online. We encourage prospective members to attend up to two meetings, after which an application must be made before further participation.

BNI of Southern Colorado expects a high level of professionalism and a commitment to the local chapter you choose to join. BNI is built on the idea that relationships and community are a cornerstone of a business’s success. For this reason, the Membership Committee takes painstaking care to selectively foster a standard of professionalism to ensure the success and reputation of our valued members.

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BNI Abundance

BNI Fire

BNI Profit

BNI Prosperity Partners


BNI Front Range Online

Canon City

BNI Fremont Goldmine

Castle Rock

BNI Wealth Partners

Colorado Springs

BNI Core Connections

BNI Dynamic Alliances

BNI Elite Business Network

BNI Great Expectations

BNI Incline Referrals

BNI Leading Edge

BNI Network Masters

BNI Network Navigators

BNI Peak Powerhouse

BNI Peak Referral Network

BNI Platinum Partners

BNI Professional Advantage

BNI Rocky Mountain Business Builders

BNI Rocky Mountain Rainmakers

BNI Strategic Alliances

BNI Success Builders

BNI Success Partners


BNI Falcon Powerhouse


BNI Abundance Builders


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Once Your Application Is Complete

Once you have completed your application and submitted it to the Membership Committee for review, you will receive a decision within a reasonable amount of time. The Membership Committee thoroughly reviews applications and will contact references and consider the value of your niche and industry to the greater good of the local BNI chapter. This is to help ensure the success and growth of all members of the local chapter.

If you have any questions about this membership application process, please contact the regional director or contact the leadership of your chosen local chapter.

Upon acceptance to your chosen chapter of BNI of Southern Colorado, you will be contacted by your new chapter to welcome you and discuss next steps. Every BNI chapter prides itself on a distinct culture and personality, with the understanding that this culture is created by our members. Once you have joined a local chapter of BNI, you’ll be a valued member of a unique networking group that is built with business building at the forefront of the infrastructural design.


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